The Advantages for Many Travelers of Staying at One of Melbourne’s Best Apartment Hotels

The Advantages for Many Travelers of Staying at One of Melbourne’s Best Apartment Hotels

Visitors to an Australian city who will be staying for a week or longer may want to make reservations at one of Melbourne’s best apartment hotels. There’s no need to rent a car, as public transport and taxi service can bring the travelers all around the city.


Tourists and business travelers enjoy numerous advantages when renting this type of lodging as compared with a standard hotel room. They’ll have one or two bedrooms separate from the living area, along with a kitchenette. They can access free wireless Internet and Netflix, along with complimentary continental breakfast, and daily snacks and refreshments.

These big suites are just like having a regular apartment. The suites are especially useful for families or small groups of friends and colleagues traveling together. An individual who needs to complete work projects in the hotel will appreciate not having the main living area double as the bedroom.

Contract Workers

Sometimes people work on contract basis for a company and need to live away from home for several months. Apartment hotels are excellent options for these visitors to Melbourne, particularly if the company pays a certain amount or percentage for lodging. With regular housekeeping service, the contract worker never has to do any cleaning, which would not be the case if he or she rented an apartment at a complex.

Depending on where the person’s home is, going back there on weekends may be a possibility, at least some of the time. On weekends when staying in Melbourne, free time can be spent exploring the city and its variety of attractions. Museums, art galleries, restaurants and shops are abundant. Taking in some entertainment like a concert or a game is another possibility.

Concluding Thoughts

For all these reasons, staying in one of the apartment hotels in the central city is an attractive option for many kinds of travelers. They can work, have fun, be tourists and experience life in this cosmopolitan urban area without any hassles. From the time they wake in the morning and enjoy their hot coffee or tea, to the time they relax with a glass of wine before bed, they are glad they decided to stay here.

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